Turf loves working with ophthalmology practices that have OD Liaisons on the team. We had a call Friday afternoon with one our OD Liaison partners, who shared this with us:

Following Turf's efforts in the market, "I am now getting far more time with the ODs when I visit them. I have been working in this role since 2008 and I am really enjoying following in your footsteps when I am visiting the ODs."

And she offered feedback from the ODs Turf visited, who said, "We really liked those guys who came in as a 3rd party. We can be very open with them and more direct as to what is important to us. They have a great, neutral approach to learning about our needs."

And the best quote of all: "We are seeing more and more referrals coming in."

We'll file this post under #humblebrag -- is that still a thing?

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